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Muse shaming you say?muse shing you shall receive. 
He looks so embarrassed doesn’t he.

Muse shaming you say?muse shing you shall receive.

He looks so embarrassed doesn’t he.

Pony dump.

Wow.That was…. unexplainable….there was a vague villain with a rushed backstory. Much like sombra and chrysalis. Discord is the only villain with actual character development, And even then this episode showed he didn’t make much progress over all. He was acting so he wouldn’t get turned to stone…Shocker.

Twilight got her key along with some depression over her role in life. I can relate to that, Yay college.

Over all the resolution was vague, Okay let’s open this chest and do something powerful and magical. Now twilight has a castle.

Yup just as frustrating as every other Mlp Ending. 

The good points, are about the same as the bad though. 

Twilight was relatable, It was in a short time but didn’t feel rushed, Good music, stunning fight scene. 

Also did anyone catch the subtle symbolism? Discord gave Twilight the key, That Tarlack’s(?) brother gave him. 

His brother helped beat him.

Anyway what i would like for season 5 would be a redemption episode for King sombra, Chrysalis, Hell even Gilda.

More Big Mac dorking.

and a lot of background ponies suddenly getting relevant.  

I’m going back to hiatus now.

Love you all

See you soonish.

Let me clarify before you bite my head off.

I wasn’t going to make a long post because i didn’t think i needed to explain myself but apparently i do. Great.

Tl;dr version: If you’re not the type of brony that’s gross we won’t have any issues you and I.


I generally don’t care what you call yourself as long as you’re a decent person. 

I don’t care if you call yourself a brony, or whatever you want to identify inside the fandom.

that post was how i responded to someone from my school while i was drawing Twilight. Because the tone in her voice implied the mere thought of being a brony was repulsive.

So yes at the moment i was saying those things i meant specifically the fedora wearing neckbearded perverts that make it socially unacceptable for older people to enjoy the cartoon.

I was talking about the ones in the fandom who make other people look at me funny when i list it as one of my favorite cartoons. because they gave other people a bad name without any labels

.So To clarify I don’t hate the term brony, I don’t generally hate people who describe themselves as a brony.(I might be wary until we becime friends but i’ll never judge you.) I hate the people who ruin this fandom for the rest of us, i hate the people who think that the show is made for them. 

IT IS  COMMERCIALLY TARGETED AT ADOLESCENT GIRLS and sure they throw in a few things for the older fans here and there, but god damn. You do not own the fandom, you don’t own the show, you have no right to get offended when people complain about inappropriately tagged porn of a childrens show.


No. I enjoy the fandom just fine. I love the friends i’ve made from it. i love the art that comes out of it. i love my own art,  and i’m allowed to have opinions.

Let me be clear.

I am not a “brony”

Yes i like the show
Yea i enjoy running this blog
Yes i enjoy the people ive met through this blog and the fandom.

But i am not about a ‘brony’

Im not some fedora wearing dudebro that ruins the fandom for the rest of us.
I dont think the show is made for me.
Its made for children.

I do my best not to make anyone uncomfortable and if someone tells me ive made them uncomfortable i apologize. Im dense and sometimes i dont filter my words.

Dont ever call me a brony.






I keep seeing people that have just started drawing and are complaining about not being as good as other artists or never getting to get level and whatnot. If I facepalmed every time I read that I’d be missing half of my nose right now.

People, no! Don’t ever give up just like that and really, complaining to ‘better’ artists about that won’t help you much either, only will serve to make them uncomfortable if you say things like ‘my art sucks, never getting as good as you’ and such.

If you admire someone’s arts, be sure that behind that there is a lot of hard work involved and they got there with hard work. I’m sure that their first works looked as ‘bad’ as yours, if not worse.

I’m not even the best of artists but I’m tempted to search for my earlier works to show you that you do indeed improve, fast or more slowly, but you improve! And of course, there is always room left for improvement.

I’m afraid that they went to the dump long ago (will still search for them if anyone is curious, just in case), but you can just go to the beginning of my Burning Stream blog and see the difference. That’s what drawing and drawing and practicing and practicing and screwing up and just keep going on those. And I started the blog when I have a good few years of drawing human and other things on my back even before I started with ponies. It goes to show that no matter how much experience you have there is always room for improvement and growth.

And I just talked about my case but if you look at artists you admire you’ll see it there too. Have you seen how much askwindcheer work has changed? It’s amazing. Or foxfaces-world. He had a good base from the start of the blog, since he has been drawing other things before that, but the change and development in the art is incredible as well. I’m putting these examples because I was there almost from the beginning of their blogs and saw their improvement but I’m sure everyone else has gone through it.

So please, stop putting yourself and your drawings down and just work work work!



there’s an eight months difference between these two drawings.

if you want your art to look good you need to go through the phase your art looks like shit. You can’t draw something? Draw it again. You fail? Use references. Step out of your comfort zone and you will see the improvement with each finished sketch.

Thank you Szad! See, if you keep drawing you can achieve awesome improvement.

Here is my own change. Roughly a year difference as it says in the pic.


More advice? Well, read what Szad said up there. I’d also recommend looking for references, either from other artists or real life pics. And now I’m going to say something that others might not agree with, but, I think that at first is alright to use other artists pics as a references until you are comfortable with a base. Of course, ALWAYS GIVE THE CREDIT. Everyone has done that.

Once you get comfortable enough with the anatomy, draw the pic yourself, then check for references to see the mistakes and whatnot. You’ll slowly develop your own style before you even realize it.

You can always ask for other people for constructive criticism, but keep in mind that if you ask for it you’ll get it. Don’t get angry if you hear something you don’t like, they are trying to help you get better.



Gonna join in on this as well, roughly one year worth of drawing a part.

I agree with all the above, use refs, take over people’s work and look at it, look how they do a thing and see if you can use that way. However don’t draw over their work post it and claim it, if possible don’t post it even with credit and just use it in private.

One thing though, have fun with your work, there’s no point in all this if you’re just never going to put fun into it. That leg is broken? So what you had fun it’s a fun picture, you can practice on it later! Not every drawing has to be perfect, you’ll get there at some point SO HAVE FUN ALONG THE WAY. 

Sorry I keep reblogging this but can’t express how important it is. Listen to all the advices from this wonderful artists.

I used to believe my medium limited me in my artistic ability, That just because i didn’t have a tablet, or some way to color and shade, that i would never get any better. But one year and 12 sketchbooks later, i finally found a level i’m comfortable with.

Ya i’m not as great as some other people out there, but i recognize my improvement and i’m still going to work on it. The worst thing you can do as an artist is think you’ve hit your celing. 

THERE IS ALWAYS WAYS YOU CAN IMPROVE! Yeah it’s a slow process but you’l get there eventually.

"My earliest memory is waking up, in a grave yard, and nobody being able to see me, If that answers your question."


((ALso the words on the board in case you cant read them are drink names based on some of my favorite people.))



THIS ASK BLOG IS GOING ON HIATUS UNTIL (my best estimate at this time) MID JULY early august maybe!


Q: “why the hiatus Mr.Mod!?”

A: I got into THIS RP group and it is something i will have to keep on top of, so my free time will be reading, and responding to, this group.


A:the group is on a two week rotation where essentially one character dies a week

26 characters, 1 a week, 6-8 survivors, your looking at about 18-20 weeks, 4 1/2- 5 months, Mid July, early august.

If my character dies before the end. i’ll have less to keep up with, but honestly i’m banking on my character lasting to the end.

Q:are you completely dropping this blog?

A: no I’m just updating it at a snail like pace, you could go anywhere from two days to two months without hearing anything from me. And even then it probably won’t be asks, just random pony art.

Q:Is there any way to get in touch with you?

A: my public skype, Fanmail, and i’m opening the askbox with no anon option.

Q:I’m gonna unfollow you because it’s to long to have an inactive blog.

A:bye, if you can’t stick with me i don’t really want you here.




Things going good the game started and we’re doing the prologue now. 

If you want to keep up with me Folllow here & Here &  Here 

the group and character blog does require some knowledge of Dangan Ponpa.

Except Ibuki420mioda that’s the mod blog.


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This is why i cant stop drawing pones.
Two weeks away and my art deteriorates.

Granted these were quick doodles. But sti.

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